To become a participating lender, please reference the Program Invitation and Parameters Document below.
You must be approved to do business with US Bank, who is acting as the Program’s Master Servicer. If you do not already do business with US Bank, you will need to complete the US Bank Participating Lender Application. All interested lenders must complete the Lender Origination Agreement

Program Invitation and Parameters Document
US Bank Participating Lender Application
Lender Origination Agreement


US Bank Home Mortgage and eHousing offer training for lenders and lending professionals who seek to know about the Kansas Housing Assistance Program.

Lenders who have submitted their Lender Invitation Documents are eligible to register for the training.

You can request lender training by contacting Sue Denihan, eHousing, at 813‐415-3549, or email to set up individualized webinar training.

Additional training resources are available below:
Freddie Mac HFA Advantage Mortgage Training (April 2017)


Borrower selects the type of loan he/she wants to use, then applies and closes when approved.

Lender accepts application and register the loan application on the eHousing web system, including locking in the interest rate.

At closing, lender funds the loan and the up to 5% cash assistance.

After closing, lender submits files to US Bank Home Mortgage. After approval of the lender file, US Bank Home Mortgage pays the lender 100% of the unpaid principal and the up to 5% cash assistance. The lender is also paid the Service Release Premium (lender compensation).
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