To become a participating lender, there is a two-part process.

First, you must be approved to do business with US Bank, who is acting as the Program’s Master Servicer. If you are not already doing business with US Bank, you will need to complete the US Bank Participating Lender Application and the Participating Lender Agreement.

The second part of the process is to complete a Lender Agreement with the Housing Authority of the City of Cheyenne.

Email a pdf of the Lender Agreement to DeDe Cross Return original to:

Greg Hancock
Executive Director
Cheyenne Housing Authority
3304 Sheridan Street, Cheyenne, WY 82009

The following PDF documents provide a summary of the Welcome Home Wyoming Program.

Program Summary
US Bank Participating Lender Application
Participating Lender Agreement


US Bank Home Mortgage and eHousing offer training for lenders and lending professionals who seek to learn how to originate loans in the Welcome Home Wyoming Program.

Lenders must be approved by US Bank and have executed a US Bank Participating Lender Agreement. in addition, they must have executed a Housing Authority of the City of Cheyenne Lender Agreement

Lender training information can be found at the eHousingPlus website. To set up individualized webinar training, please contact Sue Denihan, eHousing, at 813‐415-3549, or click here to email.


Borrower selects the type of loan he/she wants to use, then applies and closes when approved.

Lender accepts the application and registers the loan application on the eHousing web system, including locking in the mortgage rate.

US Bank Guidelines

The lender manual for MRBP is located at the following website www.mrbp.usbank.com.

Click on U.S. Bank Lending Manuals.

Click on continue.

From the left-hand side of options sections of the guide are broken out into different folders, ie. UW, Closing & Funding etc. as outlined below.

Lender resources

If you are a lender and need assistance from eHousingPlus or U.S. Bank, click on a link below for a detailed contact list.

Contact eHousing
Contact U.S. Bank
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